Rational Metaphysics, RM, is an ontology for physics formed without the presumptions inherent in the Science of physics.
Rational Metaphysics is an ontology built upon Definitional Logic.
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J. S. Saint
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    The logic of Rational Metaphysics begins with the premise that what has no affect is irrelevant and meaningless. If something has no affect, it cannot be felt by anything nor change anything in any way. Thus from the state of absolute nothingness, affectance is the first and only relevant concern. That is the first step, the premise of all rational thought.

    From realizing that affectance (that which has affect, whatever that might be) can only affect by altering something else that has affect, other existence, we can see that it can only increase or decrease the affect of the other, because degree of affect is all there is.

    But that sets up the scenario that everything must be merely made of mutual affect, "affectance". As it turns out, that is the same as what Science calls "energy"; the ability to "do work" or "cause change"; to affect.

    But then we add the realization that infinity, by definition, is not physically achievable. Thus infinite difference of affect cannot exist in any form. With that idea, we can see that no two items of affectance can have infinite affect upon each other. Also, we can realize that no affect can occur instantly because that would be an infinite rate of affect and would merely mean that there was not actually two items, but one. And of course any affect taking an infinite amount of time would not actually be having affect. Thus for it to be called affect, it must occur within finite time, neither zero nor infinite.

    We can realize that infinite homogeneity cannot exist either, because that would mean that all points are infinitely identical. Infinite similarity between any two points cannot exist for any length of time either, if for no other reason, merely because every point is changing.

    So now with those thoughts in mind, we can deduce that affect occurs in waves wherein there are no points of affectance that can be infinitely different than any adjacent point, or from any other point. Thus a conclusion can be formed; a singularity (an infinitely small and solitary point of affect) cannot ever exist. It would have nothing to exist relative to, nothing to affect and be affected by. And any single infinitely small point of affect would have to immediately be affected and have affect upon its surroundings, thus melting into them with no significantly more potential to affect than they.

    But we can go further.

    What all this means is that it is logically impossible for space to have ever been a nothingness of infinite similarity and also that there could never have been a singularity that exploded into our observed universe. Logically, the Big Bang theory of original creation cannot be true. But that is not to say that there wasn't some kind of explosion long ago.

    Still further, we can realize that what we call "space" has no logical option but to be waves of affectance, never identically uniform and never infinitely dissimilar. The entire universe must be an ocean of motion of affectance waves. So even when we see nothing, we can know that there is always something there and that something, the affectance, is changing at finite speeds.

    So if affectance changes at a finite speed, what would that speed be? It would be the speed from which all other speed is measured for it is the speed of affect, the only absolute speed logically possible. If affectance is all there is, there is nothing to impede that speed of affectance except the affectance itself; each point of affect attempting to affect what is affect itself; affect slowing affect as each point mutually affects each other.

    So now we have;
    1) Affectance is the only existence
    2) Infinity cannot ever be physically realized
    3) Nothingness can never occur or ever have occurred
    4) Nothing can be infinitely different nor similar to anything else
    5) Affectance occurs at finite speed (turning out to be the "speed of light")

    But then we can also realize that what we call near and far is merely the observation of direct affect versus indirect affect. That which is directly affected, is what is "near" and what is indirectly affected is "far", by definition.

    So one point of affect affects the next points adjacent to it directly. And that point directly affects the next point to that one and so on. By such definitions, we have spatial dimensions and volume.

    Every point of affect must affect the adjacent points else it would not exist to them, thus every point affects every other point either directly or indirectly without exception and they must do so in finite time. There can be no other fundamental existence.

    What that reveals is that any speculation of a fourth dimension requires that the points associated with it must be affected and more importantly, that they must affect the points associated with the first three dimensions.

    We derived our three dimensions merely by seeing that affect can be segregated into three independent directions. We chose that there be three for our convenience. Thus there is no fourth dimension else the affect of that direction would be included in all affect.

    6) There are only 3 spatial dimensions, by definition (not observation).

    As each point of affect is affected and itself affects the next point. A propagation of affect is described. Waves of affect are realized.

    7) Affect propagates in waves that cannot occur faster than the speed of affect.

    Since the speed of affect is the absolute base for all speed, nothing can travel faster. Thus if a wave were to, for whatever reason, come into a spin wherein it was chasing its own tail (similar to a bicycle wheel spinning and also tumbling), the bundle of affectance wave (a "particle") could not remain a bundle and also travel as a bundle linearly at the speed of affect. It could not because such a scenario would require that the center of the bundle be traveling at the speed of affect and also some part of the spinning affectance wave inside the bundle be traveling faster than that center, else there would be no spinning and thus no bundle. But that would mean that some part of the wave had to travel faster than affect can travel, which is a logical impossibility.

    It is for that reason, a bundle of spinning affect (a particle) cannot ever travel at the maximum speed of affect and anything trying to push it, would encounter logical resistance; inertia. There need be no other force providing resistance. And the faster the particle is pushed, the more impossible it becomes to make it travel any faster. Hence, "no object can travel at the speed of affect (light)".

    8) Inertial particles are caused by the clustering of waves of affect thus resisting further affect; becoming firm; material; matter.

    Thus from the notion of nothingness, energy and matter are realized because there can be no logical alternative.

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    Re: Affectance

    Post by Satyr » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:36 pm

    This is a fancy way of saying (inter)active.
    Everything is dynamic, meaning everything is interactive.
    Affect focuses away from the cause.

    What is interacting?
    Patterned and non-patterned energies.
    Pattern = repeating, consistent, rhythm (order).
    Non-Pattern = inconsistent, non-repeating (chaos).

    Space = possibility
    Matter/Energy = probability
    There are no absolutes other than as words expression conviction, certainty. All absolutes are linguistic constructs referring to relationships.
    "All bachelors are unmarried" absolute ....but marriage is a human construct.
    A=A absolute. But A is a symbol that only exist as an idea - noetic.
    "My pocket does not contain an elephant" probability.
    Pocket is a human construct, Elephant usually refers to an organism with a specific size. Therefore it is highly improbable that the organism will fit into a garment constructed to be worn by an organism the size of a human.
    Absolute expresses a high probability, based no precedent.
    elephant = not an absolute.
    Pocket = not an absolute.
    therefore their relationship cannot be an absolute.
    Absolute = immutable, indivisible, eternal, whole, singularity, one, complete.

    Dynamic = Flux = interactive.
    Interactive = repelling/attracting - relating.
    Different patterns relate in different degrees of harmony - repelling/attracting one another.
    Different rhythms are called 'eidos', or type, or kind.

    Except for the christian God angle I prefer your arrogance to that of the moron on ILP who on a weekly basis declares himself god, and then flatters and tries to attract men-children with positive reinforcement.
    Something sickly about that behavioural pattern.

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