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Re: Sat-Ire

Post by Satyr » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:23 pm

I tell you, verily, this world is a shit-hole and people are garbage who cannot appreciate my go(l)dness, who cannot partake of my bountiful boundlessness.
They would sooner crucify me, like a common thief, than bask in the light I bring them.
As they treated by lesser predecessor, the prophet of my coming Jesus, and misunderstood my second prophet, labelling him a anti-Semite Nazi, when he, Nietzsche, was the prophet of my third, newest, and final Testament, they shall misjudge and misunderstand, and throw slander and living stones at me.
They will turn away from my brilliance the light hurting their eyes, used to the dark caverns of their cave existence.

I light the way out of their twilight, but they will not come, afraid of what they may see, afraid of my power, afraid of freedom, fear-fearing-fear.
'There is nothing to fear, but fear itself', said the other prophet echoing my coming.
I am the bringer of fearless loving, power.
I am the truth truism truthfulness.
He who hates hating, and loves loving.

He who hates the victim gives him what he covets, reinforcing his victimhood,,,,hoody in the hood.
The chosen to suffer rejoice in their choseness and suffering.
If they were not hated what value would their self-loving love of suffering, as chosen, have?
Those who were outcasts have found pride in their being chosen by the God all other tribes rejected.
Gypsies of the spirit, they mark themselves as dark, rather than colourful bards living no the periphery as scavengers, as parasites. they clothes themselves in occult darkness to mix with the host.
Change their names, mix with their blood, but they keep the meme that identifies them as distinct.
Blood is superficial, what matters is the idea....that which separates mind from mind; that which differentiates the enlightened, the chosen, those who know the secret.
Those who know the word, have been given the deciphering algorithm of mystifying codes.

Humanity = world.
Psychology = philosophy.
Logos = Truth

We great manipulators of human nature, which we then refuse to all others who refused us.
We who accept what we sell as denying.

What does it say in Scripture? as metaphorical code to be interpreted on three levels:
John 1:1 wrote:In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
Goethe, no goet-er... retorts that first was the act...not the word. Blaspheme!!!
in all here is word - logos...any positive word will do.
Love, Value, Will, Eros...Power...Humanity....Whole...Unity...ONE.
Any symbol....let us reinvent God, as rewritten symbol, code.
In all there is love....who will reject this positive offering?
Let us remake Judaism, by mixing it with Nietzsche, rather than Paganism as Saul did to make Christianity, and or with Persian Zoroastrianism and local Arabian tribal superstitions to make Islam.
Let's remake Christianity by integrating redefining him jewdicially.

A new religion...a new viral Christianity 3.0.
The ingredients are there....all we need is some creative word juggling.

in all there is God....let's say 'love'.
God is the word, and the word can be anything...but it must be positive, seductive.....appealing to the masses.
Word = god
God = Love
Word = ?
Any positive symbol, word.
Let's say Nietzsche's 'power', or Spinoza's 'deus', substance.
Then market it with savvy....deus is immanence, said Spinoza...and he was a genius of linguistic creativity.
The creativity is in the marketing = packaging, seductive angle, icon that sells, triggering name - brand name.
Something sexy and inspiring....depends what your target market is.
Is it high end, or low end. Is it edumucated, or illiterate.
Is it cool, and upwardly mobile, or comfortably wealthy.
What's your motive....mass appeal, or niche nouveau riche.

If they reject you, and your product, or you via your product, them names....say they do not get the product, that they never did....that they cannot fully appreciate it.
Who rejects power and love?
Passive aggressive, reverse psychology.

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Re: Sat-Ire

Post by Satyr » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:21 pm

I am pleased that my greatness is having such an impact. Here, on ILP they are following my deep, insights into Love Empowerment.
They are applying LE....and plagiarizing my philosophy.
They honour my greatness.

I forgive them if they refuse to pay me my deserved accolades. They will, perhaps while I live, perhaps when I am no longer here.
But they will.
Such insights cannot be ignored for long.
I have accomplished something few men, if any, have ever accomplished.
I have offered my gifts as love empowerment. They cannot ignore its loving power for long.

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Re: Sat-Ire

Post by Satyr » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:59 am

Dating models is a hassle.
Having extensive experience with models, super-models, beauty queens, I can advise against anything long-term.

Go for the more mediocre model if you want to have a family.
Super-models are high-maintenance. After a while of travelling, sport-cars, fine dining, you want something more casual, relaxed.
I shared my view with the university professors i often have a few cocktails with and they had no clue what I was saying, because they could never get a super-model like me.
Held an impromptu little lesson for them. Schooled them in the art of high class pussy.
Then I got in my Bentley and went back to my Trump tower pad, where my current model was waiting for me, dinner ready, condo cleaned.

What can I say....I'm great.

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