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Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:18 pm


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Girl's Awakening

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:26 pm

Little girls grows up believing the uni-verse is benevolent, kind, caring, selfless.
Like a giant motherly womb.
Mommy and daddy said so.
One day she grows up and comes in contact with an authority, a manly, fatherly figure, with credentials grey hair, and a British he must know what he's talking about. He says life is selfish.

Her mind is blown away.
She cannot believe her ears. First time she ever heard of this 'selfishness', must be revolutionary, new.....something only she and a few others know about.
Life is selfish?!!! Amazing stuff.
This is good and bad, she think, later when she calms down and masturbates using a cucumber.
It's good because she no longer has to feel ashamed of her selfishness, like her addiction to cucumbers, and bad because this means there is no motherly benevolence, like mommy, and daddy, out there to care for her.
She feels like she's growing up making progress. She's being exposed to groundbreaking ideas that shift her understanding of herself in the world.
She has to smoke a joint to wrap her head around this, like she wrapped herself around the cucumber.
She's maturing.

But from all is selfless she goes the other way....all is selfish.
Between selfish and selfless she can find no ground.
Either all loves her or it hates her.
She can think of no alternative.

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My Greatness

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:37 pm

I am so great it hurts. It's the price I must pay for my greatness.
When I fart, I hear my name whispered; when I burp, I smell my abysmal depths; when I shit, I create a cornucopia of flourishing.

Let me conceded a piece of my greatness to you, dear stranger, so that you may bask in my glory, taste of my riches, feel my power entering you, and surrender.
I will falter you, as long ass you worship me.
I shall be your friend, as long as you lay down before me.

I am so great.
Everything validates me. My errors are expected, planned....part of my grand scheme.
I can do no wrong...because I, being great, can spin it into another example of my greatness.
You may not realize how great I am, but you will, and then you will be sorry for now worshipping me.
I can give you so much.
All I ask is for you to believe in my greatness.
Is that too much to ask compared to what greatness I offer?

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Fool's Power

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:46 pm

The biggest fool gathers the most attention, like the child distracts adults, and an animal in the room distracts all who share the space.
The fool thinks of this as something flattering, because he is too foolish to know what a fool he is, and why he receives attention.
Participate in a group where one is a retard.
How long before all ate talking about and with the retard?

In ancient times they did not allow children or females into their symposium, unless it was as entertainment or servants.
They were wise back then.
Today we make the fool the one who shall not be left behind, who shall not be excluded.

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Diary of a Halfling

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:16 pm

I come from a magical, secret world, half-way between the real and the surreal - between the physical and the metaphysical.
I come from what has been named Middle-Earth.
Permit me to introduce myself.
I am a halfing, half-wit, half-breed, half of everything and nothing.
My miniature stature hides an occult giant...
Do you speak Elvish?
Orcish? Trollish? Are you a warg?
Are you one of the Dúnedain?

Nimble feet, nimble fingers, nimble sprite...I am the holder of the one might.
There I am and then...I'm gone
Singing on the same ol' half-wit song.

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

Magical realms hide beneath the mundane.
Lend me your ears, close your eyes and let me take you there.
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My Greatness 2

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:18 pm

I know people will envy my greatness.
They will plagiarize and imitate it.
I have, after all, offered a great insight, that only a rare few can actually understand and appreciate....being that it is so great.
They don't understand what I am offering.
My greatness can be their greatness, if they only accept me as greatest of all.
As the original great-one. The true inheritor of greatness.
they can also be great, not as great, but great nevertheless.
Sit beside me, perspective great noes and prepare for a great coming battle with the forces of evil.

I m the bringer of light, the lover of love, the gatekeeper of the realm.
Humbly great is how I am.
Sharing of my bountiful greatness, by excessive, spilling over, great power.
Adore me, admire not envy me.
I cam to share.

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Epiphany 1

Post by Satyr » Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:40 pm

I had an epiphany yesterday, a sudden awakening.
I realized all life wants to survive.
I was struck dumb.....but there could me more.
If this is so, then all wants to survive.The entire uni-verse is striving to survive.
I must name my epiphany before I am plagiarized.
This is powerful stuff.
In the wrong hands it can be devastating.

What shall I name it?
Something old, yet new.
A different word.
No, not 'survival', that would be too obvious.
I know, I can take another word and apply it unconventionally. Then I can justify my rebellious unconventionality with word vomit.
The retards will eat it up and ask for seconds.
I'll flatter them, support them, praise them no matter how idiotic they sound.
Whatever they say will be a validation of my thesis. Unless.....unless they turn away from me.
Then I'll accuse them of never getting it at all. I'll say how unworthy of my insight they proved to be.

Sounds like a good plan.
Now, if only I can find the proper word.
I know men-children have the hots for Nietzsche so 'power'... or a simile.

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My Greatness 3

Post by Satyr » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:06 pm

My greatness is the one true inheritor of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
I've managed to bridge the conflicts between Paganism, Nietzsche's critique and the Old and New Testaments.

Not a small feat...but I am great, so no big deal.

I call it Love - Em-Powering
Power is love enforcing itself upon itself.
Love raping itself, erotically inseminating its own desire for power.
Ersatz inflation of Apollo bubbling from the depths of the abyss, upon the froth of Sloterdijk spherical bubbles.
An existential bubble-bath, to wash away, spill forth if you will, subterranean flotsam jetsam hibernating between the will's undisclosed power.
Esoteric jizzum exploding into Dionysian wombs, finding Aphrodite's ovum.
I am the awakener.
Bask in my glory, pay homage to my power.
I bring a newly baptized world, a reincarnated saviour.

I ride on Evola's Tiger-wave splashing on unexplored and unclaimed shores...a true warrior, I plant my fleshy pole, and unfurl by testicular crest, to flutter against Anemoi... Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus and my favourite Borus, calling me back to Hyperborean Delos where I was born forth by my father Zeus.
Agape meets me in the crucible and Eros hangs on the crucifix, pointing to the four directions.
The 3+1 foursome.
I am the Apostle that binds them all, expelling them with controlled anal burst.
Songs echoing my glory.
In-hale, ex-hale and be transported and trascended.

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Epiphany 2

Post by Satyr » Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:51 pm

Survival is the secret of existence.
All wants to survive....all is selfish.

All loves survival....surviving is the sign of quality. Bacteria are, therefore, gods to be emulated because they can survive where man cannot.
Existence exists existing.
To survive for survival's sake.
The Negro is superior to the European because he survived slavery....made it through, and was given liberty to make such wonderful fArt, and cRAP bragging about his survival feat.
Yes, survival at all costs, at any price.
All wants to survive. A stone, a cloud, a mountain...a planet.
Holding onto dear, loving, life.
I live therefore I am alive.
When will the depths of my profound insights end....where will this cataclysm of word-associations take me?
I am in vertigo, amazed at my own genius, diving into linguistic abysses, the horizons teaming with code....a matrix.
One word follows another, one triggering the next, cascading towards god knows where....I let go....where shall my intuition take me?

Dog....god...omnipotent, power, strength, possibility, dominance,...and on on on, the continuum of words unfolds.
1+1 = 2, I have two hands, two sides of one brain....brain has 5 letters....I have five senses....I'm onto something big here, the world is telling me its secrets it is revealing itself to me.....I must let other know of my gift....they must bask in my glory.
Logos...language....the mind of god.
The reason is being revealed.
Why am I here?
To speak.
To be god to others.
I shall create my own world. I will tell the world what to be.
I am creator.
I always was, will be, am.

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Groundbreaking Epiphany

Post by Satyr » Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:58 pm

I am going to tie together my obvious greatness and my ground-breaking life-altering epiphanies, merging them into a singular epiphany of my greatness, proving, once and for all, that I am the reincarnation of Christ, but this time merging with Nietzsche. I'm inventing a new religion based on my two major prophets, Christ and Nietzsche, and my many minor ones, who were harbingers of my coming greatness.
My name will live in eternity. I am taking Nietzsche and Christ to the next level.
Old-New Testament + Will to Power = My Greatness

Bear with me....bask in my glory....

All wants to survive. It uses itself as a standard to absorb elements it needs and are most like itself - life consumes life.
This is groundbreaking stuff nobody has ever he(a)rd before.

Here's where it becomes magical....
All is alive...ergo all wants to consume, absorb what is most like itself. Steel wants to absorb steel, water absorbs water, feces absorbs feces.
All wants to survive....self-loves, and it does this by absorbing what is most like itself. But, here comes Nietzsche, all want to become me.
So steel wishes it were gold. Carbon wants to be gold. Shit wants to be organism.
Gold is the highest element.
Go(l)d of the elements. The other elements worship gold.
Gold holds the memories of existence in its goldness.
Gold, golds gold.
It's so simple I cannot believe nobody has seen it until I came around.'s probably because I'm a genius.

All order is life, therefore all wants to survive and become the highest. It is attracted to what is most like itself.
That explains attraction (love), and repulsion (evil).
We can say it loves what is most like itself, to tie in Scripture.
It loves loving love....self.
This has never been said before....groundbreaking stuff....and you, reader, were there when I served it up for you.
I am your go(l)d...and dog is the devil.
I've now tied together Nietzsche's Will to Power and Christ's Sermons through Saul.
Love = power.
Self-love is self-empowering.

The Triad...of holiness:
Will to Power + Old Testament (Judaism) + New Testament (Christianity) = My Love Em-Powering philosophy.
Mix with a lot of Spinoza to mask the Aryan musk in Nietzsche....make it more Semitic. Mysterious, know more bullshyte.
His prose lends itself to reinterpretation, as all prose do. Look at how the Old Testament was reinvented as the New Testament.
Brilliant writing.
Spin-doctoring...a marketing feat of genius. Slaves lapped it up.

This method has to be updated every so often - made more Modern, brought up-to-speed with the lingo, with new terminology and symbols, with new science...for new nit-wits and retards.

It's like rappin-rage-raping, or cRapping. You plagiarize (sample) a melody that sold big, then you add a Rap by stringing together words, triggering ones interspersed within it...all of it about me...selfish, the highest power is self-loving, self-empowering.
Philosophy of trash-talking, boasting and me-me bragging....self-empowering self-loving.
Original stuff. Chimpanzee hooting and hollering holiness.
ILP is full of such cRap gods - MnM.

As long as the cRap rhymes, remains self-consistently self-aggrandizing, and it seduces imbeciles, if it sells in other words, you are whatever you declare yourself.
Majority rules....and if you impress and convince others you are whatever...then that's what you are.
You changed changed yourself.

Now I came here, on this stage, using the wrong foot...I should have pretended respect, flattered, pretending others were interesting and their ideas insightful and valuable...then I would be more seductive....that's the key.
You have to be liked to make them soft and open to suggestion.
No matter what cRap nonsense you spew it has to feel good to the feminized, teenage audience.
A cRapper has to be flexible. When his self-aggrandizing arrogance becomes too much he has to fall back on feigned humility, sycophancy and generous offerings to return the lam to the fold.
He has to excuse himself by claiming he is expressing the audience's inner voice, feeding its secret need, tickling its hidden desire.
He has to be subtle with men-children and women. A delicate touch goes a long way.
No honesty....always flattering, always talking to a child, or a woman.
That's philosophy.
You must make her moist, after you gain her trust.
You can't just mind-fuck her, you must make-mind-love to her. You have to prepare her, make her comfortable, make her feel safe and cared for, valuable to you....your one and only.
No matter what stupidity comes from her mind you must spin it into brilliance, integrate it into your coming inseminating theoretics; that's when you will blow her mind and cum all over her face, covering her with your smell, marking her as yours.
This is philosophy with a hammer, and sickle....a gangsta cRap.
A slave's vengeance on the masters of his suffering - his victim-in-the-hood hustling.
Know wut I'm sayin?

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