Psalm 36:9 - KJV

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Psalm 36:9 - KJV

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    From the King James Version of the Bible:

    For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

    For with thee is the fountain of life
    Or on the other hand "lives": God himself is the wellspring of living waters; this is a reason demonstrating the bliss of those that trust in the Lord, and that they should appreciate the above things; in light of the fact that with God the protest of their trust is the wellspring of life; not just of normal life, from whom they have it, and by whom it is upheld, yet of otherworldly life, being revived by him when dead in transgression, by ethicalness of which they live by confidence on Christ, and furthermore of endless life; and the expression signifies, that life is initially in God as in its wellspring, and that both its completion is with him, and the freeness of it in its correspondence to others, and in addition its continuation and length:

    in thy light shall we see light
    God is light itself, the Father of lights, and the previous of it in each sense; in the light of his face, and the disclosures of his adoration, they that trust in him see light, or appreciate comfort; and in the light of his Son Jesus Christ, the sun of honesty and light of the world, they see the substance of God, and make the most of his support, and see the radiance and excellency of Christ himself; and in the light of the celestial Spirit, who is a soul of astuteness and disclosure, they see their wrongdoings surpassing evil, their honorableness as nothing, and a value in the blood, exemplary nature, and forfeit of Christ; and in the light of the awesome word they see the certainties of the Gospel in their local straightforwardness and excellency, and the obligations of religion to be performed by them; and in the light of confidence, which is the endowment of God, they have no less than a look at the concealed glories of the other world; and when the blissful vision should happen, they might see no more obscurely through a glass, yet eye to eye, even God himself, as he is in Christ.

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    OUR wonderful Father has given us a precious possession​—the endowment of life as smart people who are equipped for mirroring his characteristics. Thanks to that valuable blessing, we can reason on Bible standards. By applying them, we can develop into profoundly developed individuals who adore OUR Father and whose forces of acumen [have been] prepared to recognize both right and wrong.
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